Here at Wick-It-Wax we help curate memorable candle-making experiences that last a lifetime.Our events are great for girl’s nights, date nights, birthday parties, company events, and more! 

about us

Our mission is to introduce the craft of candle-making to the world while creating fun & magical memories all in one experience. We believe candle-making is a healing hobby that relieves stress and brings people closer together. With wick-it-wax we pour our hearts into every candle we make, every event we curate, and every client we work with.

Our candle making experiences

Featured collection

A Torian-Ivory Collection

10 hr burning time | Curated Energy Crystal

The Zodiac Collection


$30 per 10 oz candle + a Magazine Giveaway
-LOVESICK (Purple) | Scent: Love Spell
-Delicate (white) | Scent: White lily and amber
-Peace (Blue) | Scent: Rain & peppermint
Available While supplies last

Why Wick it wax?

Quality candles

Amazing Scents and all- natural candles that will tingle your senses and bring you peace of mind


An intimiate vibe for you to unwind, have fun, and share laughs while creating your custom candle


Bring a friend, loved-one, or come on your own to bond over candles and comedy with wick-it-Wax

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